Two at 2

Hard to imagine it’s been more than 2 years since our 5 week stay in the nicu with our twins that were born at 31w4d. Our boys are happy, healthy, busy, and too smart for mommas good! They have no delays and are perfect little 2 year olds.

Blake and Brant were born at 4:44 and 4:48am, after a transport from our local hospital to Grand Rapids and a 13 hour induction due to severe preeclampsia.
From the moment I found out we were having twins I was shocked and terrified. My biggest fear was needing to spend time in the NICU. My fear became our reality. I cried for days. I felt guilty for not being able to keep them safe in my womb longer. I felt like I failed them because I couldn’t prevent preeclampsia. I did the best I could for them, and here they were, tiny and fragile, hooked up to tubes and cords. Alarms going off sporadically throughout the room. As the days passed, the boys grew, they needed less and less help. And I began to realize what a blessing the NICU is for families like ours. I’m grateful every day for the phenomenal staff in the NICU. They were understanding, sympathetic, and encouraging. Because of the NICU, I was able to recover from delivery, get my blood pressure under control, and establish an amazing milk supply by pumping every 2 hours without having to worry about my babies. If you are a family just walking into the NICU on the first day, or you’ve been trudging through for what feels like a never ending nightmare, you won’t be there forever. I know it feels like it while you’re there. Before you know it, it’s going to be a distant memory. Keep your head up, look for the positives while you’re there. Someday, you’ll have a story to share with other families that are facing the same emotional phase.
Sending love to fellow NICU families, and all NICU staff.