The Kooiker Twins

I am walking in memory of my twin sons, Aiden Robert Perry and Carson John Kooiker. They were born on December 6th 2013 at 26 weeks. The care they receive in the NICU at MHSM was wonderful. The NICU staff was informative, caring, and compassionate. Unfortunately their lungs were not ready for this world and they passed away the next day 12 hours apart from each other. With their brief presence, they change our world forever, and touched many others. Soon after they died, I was connected with another mother who had also lost her twin girls not long after myself. I was blessed to have met someone that could understand my loss. MHSM brought us together. We both since had another child ( 2 days apart actually, not planned). Caiden is our ‘rainbow baby ‘ daughter who will be attending the walk and is the light of our life.
I have looked for ways to support and show gratitude the NICU staff and the work they all do to help those in a time of need. I am excited to attend and show my unwavering support for this team and the families who’s children are cared for there.