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Good things come in small packages

Your gift to Running for Covers will help provide blankets for the smallest of babies at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital. Your monetary donation will be used in one of three  ways:

  1. To help put on our annual blanket drive and 2.8 mile fun run/walk by providing each participant with a commemorative shirt and snacks and beverages to refuel after the event;
  2. To provide each NICU family with a Welcome Bag containing a baby blanket and various essentials such as a knitted baby hat, an ink pen, a notebook for journaling, chapstick, unscented hand lotion, hand sanitizer, a small bottle of dish soap, tissues, a book to read to baby, a water bottle, and a gift card for gas, groceries, coffee, or a movie date night;
  3. To allow the NICU staff to purchase much-needed items such as craft supplies to create signs to celebrate baby milestones and holidays, handheld mirrors to be utilized during skin to skin care, linen bags for bedsides, breast pump parts for nursing mothers. Cash donations in 2020 will also help with the cost of purchasing a hospital grade loaner breast pump for mom’s to be able to borrow for two weeks to help establish their milk supply. They are also raising funds to put towards the purchase of hospital grade milk warmers with a goal to have one for every bedside!

Thank you for your support!

Running for Covers

Running for Covers is a 2.8 mile fun run/walk for which the “cost” of participating is a donation of a new, handmade, or gently used baby blanket. The 8th annual Running for Covers Event will take place at the Grandville Middle School Track, on Sunday August 16, 2020. In its inaugural, year 50 people participated to collect approximately 200 blankets. Last year, more than 300 people gathered to donate over 400 blankets, hundreds of other needed items, and $4,000 to the NICU at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital. Due to the abundance of blankets donated by Running for Covers, the NICU dedicated their linen closet to Miss Paisley Mae, the preemie behind the event. “Paisley’s Closet” along with her story and information about Running for Covers are posted in their parent room.